For Parents Who Are Done Yelling, but Want Their Kids to Listen


Hello! I'm Irene

Mom and Parenting Coach passionate about helping you be the parent you dream about, to handle any parenting situation with calm, and create families that get along.


Parenting is hard work. 

It's the only job you'll ever have that doesn't come with a training manual.  You feel like you are failing. Often. 

You feel alone because you really don't want to admit that you're struggling.
And not happy.

You've read the parenting books. You've tried the magnet charts and rewards.  You know there has to be a better way but feel lost and overwhelmed.

Your kids don't listen. So you yell.
From exhaustion and frustration.

It doesn't have to be this way. 

Defiance is a sign there's holes in your connection with your child. 

I'm not a parenting expert.  I can't tell you how to parent your unique child in your unique family.  I'm here to guide you to a deep, loving connection with your child.

A child that feels connected will listen and cooperate.

Have a family that gets along so well, you'll think you're dreaming.

xo, Irene


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Mission Statement:

Irene McKenna Coaching is where parents who crave peace, joy and connection in their family find the tools, inspiration, and support to create a partnership with their child based on mutual respect and authentic communication and free from punishments, consequences, and rewards.