How to Stop Your Child From Hitting In Anger

Wondering how to stop your child from hitting in anger? This blog post is about effective parenting tips to stop this behavior without yelling.

“The disappointment and frustration
Spewed out as anger
With fists flailing and legs kicking
Most directed at me
Some even landing.
I felt some of that familiar anger rise in me
Like how dare he hit me”

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The Struggle for Power: the 3 mistakes you might be making that escalate the battle with your child

Constantly finding yourself in a power struggle with your child? This blog post offers 3 mistakes that escalate power struggles and how to fix them.

“It all began with a request
“Can I have a bowl of chips?” my son asked.
I saw the immediate frustration play at my husband’s brow
Like how dare he ask when it’s almost dinner.
I sat quietly and watched the battle lines form”

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Why Yelling Matters: a child's perspective

Finding yourself yelling at your child? This blog post discusses why yelling matters and the effects of yelling at kids.

“I heard the words tumble out of my little boy’s mouth
Words that were both hard to hear
But also struck me to my core how beautiful
This moment was
That my son felt completely safe to share these feelings with me”

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Tell Me This is Normal. (A mom's request)

Parenting is hard. This post talks about the hard feelings we have while figuring out how to parent and the things I learned that changed everything.

“Tell me this is normal
As I cry into my pillow
The yelling and the frustration
When my kids don’t want to listen
And the behaviors seem so big
Just tell me I’m no different.”

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Bedtime Routine for Babies and Toddlers

A guest post from Missy Yandow about how to create a consistent bedtime routine for your baby and toddler.

Learn how to set a gentle bedtime routine for your baby or toddler. Guest contributor and Pediatric Sleep Consultant of My Goodnight Train offers insight and clear steps to creating a bedtime routine with big results.

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When Parenting Feels Heavy

This blog post is about helping overwhelmed, frustrated, stressed out moms find peace and connection in their parenting.

This was me not too long ago. Along with the feelings of frustration. And overwhelm. And resentment.. Trying to do everything. Control everything. Feeling guilty if I relaxed or giving up sleep or exercise to collapse in front of the tv. Trying to read articles and books to “fix” my kids defiant, disrespectful, lack of independence, listening and cooperation behaviors.

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Navigating conflict

Wondering how to handle sibling conflict? This blog post is about putting positive parenting skills to practice to keep kids from fighting.

Teaching our child to navigate conflict begins with how we show up as the parent to conflict. What becomes possible when conflict is not longer seen as something to avoid but simply as a difference in opinion, preference and desire and both parties can be heard and find a collaborative agreement.

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I Created this Sh$t Show. Now I Have to Fix It.

Do you want to get started with peaceful parenting with older kids? This post is about the best parenting tips that turned my family around.

“It’s like I had slid down a slope into a deep valley
I had a choice to try to climb back up where I came from (and believe me that I would have if my coach had let me)
or to surrender to the chaos in between
until the steps to climb out the other side were revealed.”

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When A Child Doesn't Listen (and Batman doesn't clean)

Have a child who just won't listen? This blog post includes good parenting tips to get your child to listen.

"How do I get my child to listen to me?"
It's beyond frustrating.  It always seems to be the same things.
Get ready for bed.  Get ready for school.  Wash your hands.  Clean up your mess.
Constantly reminding.  Nagging.  Wanting the same things but MY CHILD JUST WON"T LISTEN”

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The Perfect Day

Feeling out of control with your child? This blog post is about letting go of control and finding peace in parenting.

“I thought I could stop yelling by imagining this perfect day into existence. I thought if I planned enough.  Controlled enough.  That if the plan didn't happen it was because I wasn't figuring out how to plan it just right.”

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The Tale of Two Bedtimes: How Changing My Mindset was Key (and could be for you too).

Are you tired of having your child sleep in your bed? This blog post is all about my midset shift that got my child to sleep in his own bed.

“I laugh at the assumptions I'd made at how I thought you can "control" bedtime.  But I've heard the same from so many other parents where the struggle for survival (and getting any sleep) becomes greater than the carefully crafted sleep plan to get your kid to self soothe and fall asleep and stay asleep”

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How Letting Go of Control Created Cooperation

Want to eliminate power struggles with your kids? Get the steps I used to get rid of rules and establish boundaries for my kids based on values.

“But everything had to fall apart before it could be put back together.  Because don't get me wrong, this isn't permissive parenting.  This isn't an anything goes and I just sit back with a glass of wine and ignore the chaos.”

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