7 Things I Learned This Summer (from a mom just trying to survive:-)

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As the days grow cooler (and then warmer again later this week because I do still live in upstate NY) and shorter,

as the lazy mornings fall into the routine of school, 

and the inquiries about what we're doing tomorrow fade away,

I thought I'd reflect on the past wonderful, hot, sometimes crazy but always (except when the boys were fighting) fun months just past.

7 Things I learned this summer...


1.  It's okay to let go of my good intentions to continue school work  because they learn simply in the art of being kids with curiosity and creativity.  They learn that no matter how fast you can run you'll never be as fast as the Flash and run across the pool.  They learn that duct tape is not strong enough to climb the outside wall like Spiderman to look on the roof.  That mommy in fact does not like snakes brought into the house even if they are in the special animal/bug catcher 

2. Which brings me to number two.  There is no number of animal "rescues" that is enough for these two boys.  From frogs, to the snake, to butterflies, birds, chipmunks to the 5 kittens (that we never actually caught), to the 2 week old duckling that spent the night.  My boys are insatiable in their desire to "catch" an animal. Which brings me back to number one and the designing of animal traps and plans to "capture" the animal.  Which may or may not have included mommy standing under the bird feeder with Red Solo cup and instructions to catch a bird.

3. That cooking in the summer is not my thing.  And that's okay.  Lots of fruit and fresh veggies.  Throw in some pre-made selections and everyone is happy (including and especially mommy!) Oh and daddy loves to grill anyway, so win-win!

4. That there is probably a perfect balance between unplanned time and planned time to keep the natives from getting restless and bored and fighting each other. And most days I was very off on that ratio (typically on the side of unplanned) but we all survived anyway. Oh yeah and my kids aren't day camp kids.  Hated that week.  But yeah they survived that too.

5. That my boys will never get tired of building Legos (if mommy is finding the pieces for them.) And next time when I suggest re-building the sets in the right colors please remind me of why this is not a good idea.


6. That schedules and routines are meant to be broken.  Bedtime can happen at 10:30 and they can sleep until 9:30 (yeah so it happened once but I can still count it and remember how I woke them up by having to check if they were still breathing even though they're 6 & 7 now).  That they will still transition to back to school and life will be fine.  I know completely rookie idea that I would actually be able to or want to keep bedtimes at 8:30. Kind of goes back to all the things I thought before I was a mom:-)

7. and last but not least that keeping us with two boys and all of the above and keeping everything in this business moving forward was not possible.  That 2 hours a night after they went to bed sometimes at 10:30  (see above) simply did not leave enough time to do it all. (which is why this blog took a little break). But it did leave me enough time to create an amazing 5 week program that some truly amazing mamas are finishing up this week.  It did leave me enough time to launch my Facebook community, The Moms Hive.  Not a member, join here. 

I could probably go on. . .how my kids are fearless at the amusement park and luckily are both tall enough to ride together because my tummy is not young anymore (me no like the spinning) or how we learned how s'mores can be on a whole other level when sandwiched between two brownie brittle pieces or how my just turned 6 year old could probably eat nothing but popscicles for breakfast, lunch and dinner if given the opportunity.

But I'll simply say thanks for now.  Thanks for letting me scroll back through my memories of an amazing summer as my kiddos sit through day number 3 of what I know is going to be a great year.

Even now sometimes I remember the quote "The days are long but the years are short" as they are fighting or yelling or just being little people working through big feelings.  I feel so blessed to be able to have this time with them.  It seemed to stretch on endless that first day in June when I thought not having a plan was a good idea.  

But today it seems like a bullet train fading off into the horizon as we talk about all the fun we're going to have next year.

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Irene is a certified parenting coach who is passionate about creating peace in parenting and opening parents hearts to what is possible in their family. She works with clients 1-1 and offers support through her digital course, The Peaceful Parent Playbook. She is host of the private Facebook Community, The Moms Hive. She is inspired to help moms let go of the doing that leads to the overwhelm and more “bee-ing” in peace, joy and a love for parenting.

Irene McKenna