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Setting Limits Peacefully

A 5 Day Mini-Training designed to take you from hovering between control and letting your child get away with it to creating a step by step formula you can return to again and again to set limits with peace, joy, and connection.

All you want is a little cooperation. The desire that not everything has to feel like a battle. That every time you set a rule and your child pushes back you find yourself engaging in the “because I said so” stand-off. It’s exhausting. You’re exhausted. There has to be a better way.

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Hi! I’m Irene. Mama to two little guys and parenting coach. I used to be right where you are today. I was caught between demanding compliance or being to tired and just letting it go. And, when I needed something to actually happen, I found myself yelling and nagging and demanding. I would throw out consequences that I hoped I wouldn’t then have to hold and tried reward charts. But nothing worked.

I’m here to tell you there’s a better way. A way of establishing limits and boundaries with collaboration and peace. A way that works to create a solution that both parties agree to.

Parenting doesn’t have to be a mine field of frustration and overwhelm. But often this is where we find ourselves when your child isn’t listening, won’t cooperate, and refuse to do as we ask.

Whether it’s mealtime, screen time, or bedtime, it is possible to set limits that you feel confident holding on a foundation of more than just “because I said so”.

What might be possible if you had a strategy to navigate setting limits peacefully? What would you do with the energy you save when you’re not engaged in an endless battle?

It’s time to create a strategic discipline strategy that works for you! Find out why throwing out the “rules” is the most empowering acts you can do as a parent!

I’d like to personally invite you to join me in this 5 day free mini training

 The breakdown

  • Day 1: Clarity. On your discipline strategy and the difference between expectations and limits. What you’re asking of your child because actually knowing exactly what you’re asking is imperative to your child meeting the expectation

  • Day 2: Foundation building. How to establish a foundation that gives your child the information needed to be successful and supports you through the 50x your child asks if you mean it.

  • Day 3: Roadblocks and obstacles. Proactively tackling potential setbacks and obstacles to increase success. And the secret ingredient to get you there.

  • Day 4: Communication for a collaborative solutions. A 4 step strategy for working towards a solution that works.

  • Day 5: Stepping into the future. The exercise that can catapult the process.

  • BONUS: Live Masterclass Day 5: Setting Limits Peacefully: transforming anger to connection

We begin 8/26!

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Each day at 9 am EST the training video will be uploaded and you’ll receive it via email and on Friday I’ll be jumping on Live at 1 pm EST for a 1 hour Masterclass!

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