Clear the obstacles to tame your trigger (1).png

 Your tired of feeling the overwhelm, stress, and frustration of trying to figure out how to control your child’s behaviors and just wish you could figure this whole parenting thing out.

Your frustrated because it feels like all you ever do is yell. Your overwhelmed because nothing seems to be working to fix this mess. Your afraid that if you something doesn’t change soon, you’re going to have to shift your child off to boot camp (not really but some days it sure does feel that way!)

You know you love your child but some days that just doesn’t feel like enough. No matter how hard you try, you’re struggling not to yell. Your throwing consequences out like candy.

What if I told you that it’s not your child’s behavior your reacting to at all. What if I told you that it’s what you’re believing about the behaviors that is driving your reaction. What if understanding this one key difference and applying this new awareness is the game changer to changing everything.

You feel exhausted because you’re spending so much time focused on fixing and controlling your child’s behavior. But behavior is communication. Communication that you’re unable to see because you’re so caught up in being triggered.

Children respond to connection. Every time you get triggered and react with the yelling and demands, you’re poking holes into that connection.