Creating Peace in Parenting

10 Week Intensive


It begins with you. . .

Creating Peace in Parenting is a 10 week journey that begins with you, the parent, and by the end you'll have the tools to truly parent in peace.  No matter what situation may come up. Or the age of your child.  You'll have the strategies to be the parent you dream about being.  To handle any parenting challenge with calm.  To have fun with your kids.  To laugh. Dance. Cuddle. To enjoy each other.  Not to be a perfect mom. But to be a happy, calm and joyful mom.

Replace conflict with understanding and forge a deep partnership with your child
Learn to slow down and become responsive to your child’s needs instead of reactive to their behavior
Transform anger in to setting limits that peacefully stick

You’ll witness an 180 degree turn in your relationship with your child. Your Partner. And yourself.

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