Why a Parenting Coach?

Most parents don’t come equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to be the parent you want to be.
You react from how you believe things should be. The beliefs sit in a figurative backpack
that you put on a long time ago
have no idea is even there
yet it writes the scripts for most of the moments in your present life.

You react to your child where you see the only two choices as being in control or your child running the show.
This approach is creating the power struggles and defiance you’re so desperately trying to control.

You do the best you can with the tools, skills and support available to you.
If you want things to change,
it takes more than wishing.

It takes learning new skills, shifting your mindset, shedding old layers
and most important of all having the support and accountability to make it happen.

From attending a free webinar or workshop, committing to my self-study course or exploring a coaching partnership,
the level of support you need to create the change you desire is available to you.

Change may feel impossible right now.
The idea of impossibility creates a feeling of being stuck.
Paralyzed against taking that first step.

But change is waiting for you right around that corner that fear is holding you stuck from turning.
Fear of not enough time or money or trusting it’s possible for you.

Trust that I have exactly the level of support to get you moving forward.

For those who are truly committed to creating change and to believe in what's possible, I offer a complimentary 45 min 1-1 call to clarify your challenges, your vision and if a 1-1 coaching partnership is the bridge to get you from where you are to where you want to be!

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