The Peaceful Parent Playbook.png

It begins with you. . .

The Peaceful Parent Playbook is a supported self-study course that takes you on a 10 week journey that begins with you, the parent, and by the end you'll have the tools to truly parent in peace. 

No matter what situation may come up. Or the age of your child. 

You'll have the strategies to be the parent you dream about being. 
To handle any parenting challenge with calm. 
To have fun with your kids.  To laugh. Dance. Cuddle. To enjoy each other. 
Not to be a perfect parent.
But to be a happy, calm and joyful parent.

The course is broken into 2 Phases with 4 modules in each phase and a implementation week.

Phase 1: Parenting the Parent
Phase 2: Understanding your child

Registration is currently closed for this course. In the meantime, grab the download Beyond Yelling: A 4 Step Peaceful Communication Technique as a gift to you with tools that you can begin to implement right now. Tools that have the power to completely shift your child’s behavior.
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