The Parenting Reset Plan

The Parenting Reset Plan


The program is for the mom who’s ready to stop yelling. Who’s ready to spark self discovery and understanding on the journey to being the parent their child needs. To change behavior. To cooperate. To thrive in school. In relationships. In life.

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You're tired of the yelling.  The nagging.  The kids who don't listen.  You want things to change.  NOW.

This isn't how you dreamed parenting would be.  When you held your newborn baby.  And the vision of cuddles and laughter filled your heart.  The dreams.  The vision you held for yourself as a parent.  You knew parenting would be hard.  And there'd be challenges. 


But this level of overwhelm.  Of chaos.  Of constantly feeling like you're failing.

The stress on you.  On your kids.  On your relationship.

So you read the books. Tried the sticker charts or magnet charts.  The punishments.  The rewards.    You've taken away privileges.  Handed out consequences.

You hear from all those well meaning souls to just discipline more.  To get control.  To step up.

Nothing changes (at least long term) and you're losing your cool (and maybe your sanity).

You want the tools to "fix" this.  To have kids who listen.  Cooperate.  Who get along.  You don't need all unicorns and rainbows.  You want real life. But with more laughter and less yelling.  More cooperation and less nagging.

More peace and less chaos.

What if this was all completely possible?
The only caveat. . . It starts with you.  

As parents, we've been told to use this tool or that strategy to "fix" our child's behavior. 
Maybe we get short-term results but nothing seems to change.  Or our child enters the next phase of development and we have to try to figure it out all over again.

It's exhausting.

But what's never talked about is how we're being as a parent in this relationship.  Who we are with our unique story.  The story we bring to our role as parent.  The story that causes us to react to certain behaviors.  To be triggered.  To yell in anger.

Are you being the parent you need to be to instill the values you want to see in your child?
Are you creating an environment of learning, teaching and guiding?

As a parent, you're doing the very best you're capable of.  There's nothing wrong with you.  Just like with your child, there's no problem to be "fixed".

If you want to change how you parent.  If you want to be a parent whose child naturally cooperates.  If you want to stop the yelling.  If you're ready to press the reset button and create a new experience, The Parenting Reset Plan is for you!

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While it's true that you can absolutely continue along your current path. Your child will grow up and likely be just fine.  But as they grow and navigate life having that north star to guide them.  To steer them towards the values and intentions you have for your child.


To guide them when their peers are calling them to skip school.  Or try drugs. Or bully.
To teach them to navigate the world of social media with grace and confidence.
To be secure in who they are.  To make choices because those choices are a part of who they are not because someone is telling them what to do.

To have influence over your child vs. trying to control them.

Parenting is not easy.  But when you are calm.  When you're emotions are regulated.  You can slow down so you can be responsive to your child's needs instead of reactive to the behavior.

Only then can you transform you anger into setting limits that peacefully stick.

The Parenting Reset Plan.

Because before you can change your child's behavior you need to be the parent they want to change for.

Without the yelling.  The frustration.  The feelings of overwhelm.

It starts here.

Take a moment.  Close your eyes.  Imagine your life in this scenario.  What would be possible? What might change?

Conversely, imagine your life if you change nothing.  Same journey.  The potential for a completely different experience.

As a mom with two young boys, I get you have no time.  And I'm not here to add to your stress and overwhelm.
The weekly content will be in short easy to digest videos and worksheets.
The weekly Live call will be recorded to watch on your own time.
The action steps will flow into your life without radical changes.

I'm just like you.  I'm a mom who was so overwhelmed I locked myself in my bedroom to cry regularly.  I was checked out emotionally because it was easier to deal with the feeling of failing.  I was a mom who wanted more for me and my family.  So I took the leap.  I did the work.  I use the very strategies I teach daily.  I'm rebuilding connection.  I'm creating peace.

It is 100% possible for you too.

I've developed this program from what I learned in my journey as a mom, more parenting books than I can count, my experience as a certified parenting and transformational coach guiding moms through these very struggles to peel back the layers and allow who they're meant to shine through.

There are many other sources out there for parenting. But many of them focus on "fixing" your child's behavior.  Transforming your mindset first is the key to building that connection with your child that leads to natural cooperation and the desire to behave.  And while some of the resources talk about this vital piece, they don't give the support and accountability for success.  Support and accountability as you lay this new foundation gives you the celebration you deserve for taking this huge leap and the tough love you need when you feel like quitting.

In 5 weeks you will: 
     ~ Learn how to slow down to become responsive to your child's needs vs reactive to their behavior
     ~ Understand your emotional triggers and how to restore calm with whatever is happening
     ~ Transform your anger into setting limits that peacefully stick
     ~ Get a glimpse into the language of connection with your child
     ~ Begin to create a new language of feelings and needs within your family

This is the inaugural launch of this amazing program.  This means huge benefits to you:

  1. I'll be more involved as your feedback helps me modify and improve the program for future groups

  2. You're getting this program at a significantly lower investment than future groups. This program is valued at $397 but for this inaugural group, the investment is $197!

I know this is a kick-ass program.  I have complete confidence in my skills as a coach. I trust for those that truly commit and do the work, they will get amazing results.  And that's where you come in. To test the content. Where does it need tweaking. How's the flow.  And since I'm asking you to do a little work, it's only fair you're compensated! Heck, the bonuses alone are valued at more than your investment!

The details.  We start August 13th.

5 Weekly Modules loaded into the Facebook member area including videos, worksheets, and meditations
5 Weekly Live Q&A in the Facebook group
5 Weekly Live Coaching/Teaching sessions (with recordings available) via Zoom with laser coaching for 2 participants that enter their name to be chosen at random (with 2 times to choose from)


  • Private Facebook Group for paid participants only with daily thread for questions, struggles, and support

  • Complimentary 1 hour 1-1 coaching conversation (valued at $297)

  • The 5 steps to have a conversation that empowers you to get your needs met (valued at $97)

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This is an investment in yourself and your family.  I'm not an expert on your family and your unique story and as such I can't give promises to specific results.  However I do know that for those that truly commit.  Dive in.  Do the work.  You will get out of this program exactly what you need to create the change you desire.  I believe in you 100%.  Your unique journey.  As such there is no guarantee or refunds given.  If you're called to sign up.  If you listen to that little voice. Trust that you'll experience exactly the transformation your family needs.