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How to End the Power Struggles Without Feeling Like You’re Giving In

The 3 Secrets Every Mom Needs to Know

How to make the ultimate shift from feeling challenged with defiance, frustrated with behaviors, and resentful from the lack of cooperation to feeling calm and confident.


 In this Webinar, you’ll learn:




The Major Mindset Shift

That all mamas need to know to dramatically shift a child’s behavior




The single MOST Effective way
to end a power struggle

And why you MUST practice this to foster cooperation




The Most Simple and
Effective Listening Strategy

That dramatically cuts down on the defiance and back talk yet still offers the opportunity for teaching and guidance




The 3 Styles of Parenting

And why it doesn’t have to be an either or between control or giving in


It’s time for a shift in parenting…

Whether you’ve been butting up against defiance and lack of cooperation and the rewards and consequences don’t seem to be working, or you’ve been struggling with just giving up until the frustration builds and the yelling begins.

Whether you’ve been feeling caught between being in control or giving in but both feel like your failing and somewhere along the way you’ve been consumed by the overwhelm, resentment and stress- this moment can be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting (and hoping!) for.

I’m not saying parenting is easy but so much becomes possible in the peace, joy and connection that is available for those mamas who are motivated and ready to create these shifts.

Join me to get the full info drop on what it takes to cultivate peace, foster cooperation and create a partnership with your child to end those power struggles right now and beyond.

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 This Webinar is a
Must Attend if…

  1. You’re a mama who wants to enjoy parenting without the yelling and overwhelm

  2. You’re a mama who struggles with shifting out of yelling control no matter how many times you promise it will be better tomorrow

  3. You want to learn how to understand your triggers to be able to shift to parenting from peace and trust and be the creator of your experience vs feeling hostage to the circumstances


 A personal Invitation from Irene…


I’ve been creating transformation in my family since the day I learned there was another way to parent.

The shifts I witnessed in my family.  The shifts I was honored to bear witness to in my private clients.  The relief. The joy. The excitement and hope that I heard in my client’s words and stories.  I did not want one more mama to sit in the frustration and overwhelm one extra minute when she declared she wanted more.

And I’ve discovered the exact ingredients that can break the door of possibility wide open to actually create peace in your family.

This brand new, chock full of information webinar is a break down of THE most important points along this parenting journey that I’ve learned that have created massive change in my family and for my clients.

If you’re committed to making 2019 the year that you get to truly feel calm and confident in parenting (and end those power struggles for good!), I can’t wait to share with you the 3 secrets to making that happen.

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